Never Have I Ever

 A summer that will impact the lives of a group of teens.

The reflection of generation, a summer that will impact the lives of a group of teens.

This cinematic, dynamic narrative is packed with spectacular choreographies that bring back big hits, filmed in natural spaces.

A group of adolescents and their summer camp counsellor are lost in the woods in the middle of the night. While rescue teams work against the clock to find them, we experience the story of a summer that will change everyone's lives.

The audience shares in the young protagonists' desire to have fun with friends, see the world, grow, explore, learn, and experiment. The tone of the series reproduces the magic of first experiences, dreams, affection, falling in love... Of living life intensely.

Jo mai mai is a production that seeks to unite two generations with up-to-date covers and choreographies of the hit songs today's parents will remember from their youth. Jo mai mai is aimed at the whole family: while the tunes will stir up nostalgia in adults, the younger generation will be drawn to the up-to-date music and choreographies.

Each country can adapt this production with the songs that have shaped a generation. 

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