A mystery thriller in which the disappearance of a brave environmentalist sparks a hunt for secrets

The Delta is an endangered land of fishermen. Bianca dared to tell those in power, all men, how to save it. Where is Bianca now?

A woman's presence on a boat is still an exotic rarity in the Delta. Meri is one of the few women to have succeeded, if only temporarily. Júlia is a liberal professional from the world of journalism. She has managed to work in what she wanted, writing, but has also had to stick to the editorial lines set by her male bosses. And Bianca...

The Ebre Delta environment has a unique energy. The landscape, with its light and colors, is an essential character in itself, adding force to the plot. The Delta is also a key wetland for the Mediterranean, but under threat due to retreating waters caused by sediment retention in its reservoirs. The series reflects on this environmental and social reality, depicting the urgent need for action if this extraordinary landscape is to be preserved.

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