The first fiction series to be set wholly inside a car

Six stories that delve into and explore the darkest, most surprising, even ridiculous depths of the human soul.

The car interior is an everyday yet peculiar place. An intimate, personal universe on four wheels. A space both liberating yet claustrophobic, where our privacy is exposed to the world around us. Asfalt is a six-episode anthology series with six independent stories set inside six different cars and directed by six Catalan directors.

The Asfalt stories have widely varying of plots: a bride's accident-ridden trip to the altar with her father recently released from prison; the woman who wakes up with amnesia handcuffed to the steering wheel of a car, with no idea how she got there; a taxi driver riven with paranoia about the world around him; a retired couple plunged into a horror story after a quiet night out with friends.

The stories may raise universal issues, such as sexual and emotional relationships, spirituality, gender, the future and mental health.

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