The Birth of an Artist

Joan Miró is one of the 20th century's great Surrealist painters and sculptors.

This film portrays the difficulties he faced at the start of his artistic career: a domineering father, a shy, introverted personality and a single passion—painting. The young Miró is forced to stand up to his conservative father, who firmly rejects his son's aspirations. Finally, however, Miró convinces his father to allow him to study at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts.

After facing a string of failures and disappointing his family again and again, young Miró journeys to Paris: a paradise of creativity and artistic freedom. There, he meets Picasso, Breton, Matisse and Hemingway and manages to make a name for himself in the Surrealist movement.

The instability of the moment, the threat of war in Europe and insecurity push Miró to live a discreet life. Finally, however, the American authorities ask the artist to paint a mural for UNESCO, and the result leads to him receiving a Guggenheim award from President Eisenhower himself.

The doors to the world swing open, and Miró is finally able to live off of his work.

This is a film about a passion for art and a yearning for freedom, about the life of young Miró from his first few years until his first great triumph.  

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