You Ate in the Dark

Lives marked by 1950s Barcelona

After her parents' death, Montserrat is surprised to receive a letter from Fanny. This communication reawakens both women's memories of 1950s Barcelona: a turbulent time full of misery, love, envy and lies that marked their lives and those of the people around them.

Seven neighbours live in the same building. If the walls could speak, they would tell of lives scarred by submission and misery. Confused and deprived of their freedom, each person reacts differently to life in post-war Spain.

Directed by Sílvia Quer (author of "The Light of Elna" and "The Woman of El Siglo") and based on a piece by Catalan playwright Josep M. Benet i Jornet, this film includes a cast of first-rate Spanish actors like Pablo Derqui (Isabel, Night and Day, La línea invisible, Cathedral of the Sea, Vida Privada, Hernán, Tell Me Who I Am) and Bea Segura (The Minions of Midas, Citas, Habitaciones cerradas, Alba).

This film was carefully produced to portray the mood of the characters; its dark, closed setting faithfully represents the repressive period during which it is set.

You Ate in the Dark tells the story of individuals trapped in a life they don't want, of love, betrayal and envy in a dark period of history, where the search for happiness is often a wild goose chase and freedom is forbidden. This is a critical look at self-complacency and submission.

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