This Is Not Sweden

A story of contradictions 

The dramedy This Is not Sweden tells the story of the contradictions a couple of young parents encounter while trying to protect their children from the dangers of life.

To raise their daughters in a more "authentic" environment far from their painful childhoods, Mariana and Samuel move to a mountainous neighbourhood of Barcelona where they find a community of people with the same goals. However, when tragedy strikes the neighbourhood and destroys their idyllic perceptions, Mariana and Samuel fall into doubt and fear, pushing them dangerously close to everything they were trying to get away from. This leads to all manner of doubts, deceptions and worries, causing their life plans to come tumbling town.

This series was filmed in Catalan, Spanish, English and Swedish.

A European co-production based on an original idea by Aina Clotet and Sergi Cameron.

"With a wonderful cast and a perfect balance between cringe and emotions, it was just impossible not to select This is Not Sweden. An unmissable bitter-sweet gem!"-

-Canneseries Jury-

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