It feels like yesterday

A series with a largely feminine outlook

Close to the heart stories, about relationships between parents and children, friends and family. Everyday situations of people who fail and bounce back. Life stories common to everyone.

Ferran is a brilliant and charismatic university professor who dies in a traffic accident in Rome.

His disappearance breaks down the entire family harmony. His parents mourn him in different ways. Father reminisces while his mother is adamant to go on with her life and that of the relatives. Responsibilities now fall on Andreu, Ferran's brother, but he's not up to facing them.  Helena, Ferran's widow, is completely lost and clings onto a relationship which will eventually break up the clan. Manel, his nephew, is so disoriented that decides on a radical change of life. Gemma, his former sister-in-law, wants to keep together a family that no longer exists.

At his funeral all his high school friends get together. Men and women around fifty, with their lives consolidated, with their partners, children, jobs… All of them aware of the fact that they are entering the second half of their existence, that they've already achieved a great deal, but still feel young enough and still have plenty ahead to do and to say. Some feel somewhat ostracized yet willing to start again, particularly if they put to good use their vital experiences. They may fall in love again, reinvent themselves professionally and change their point of view about the world.

At the gathering new ties develop among them but the closer they get the more their relationships become complicated.

While the original clan collapses, a new kind of family develops among Ferran's friends. A large family immersed in their day to day, at times sour, at others pathetic yet tender, light hearted and even fun.

Anar al contingut