The Hockey Girls

They were told they couldn't, and so they did

A group of adolescent girls, all of them roller hockey players, confront their day-to-day challenges through the sport. Their team may lose on the court, but will be winners in life.

"The Hockey Girls" is a series that addresses the subject of female adolescence in an honest way, with the occasional daring touch. It directly and unapologetically deals with topics such as monthly periods, friendship, toxic relationships, same-gender sex, teenage pregnancy, misunderstandings, frustrations, dreams, struggles and pain.

This sport, and the club to which the girls belong, are elements that link them and serve as the setting for the different stories that play out.

Youth, and young people's view of life, has its effect on everyone, including adults, parents and coaches. The action unfolds in a small-town environment where our protagonists must struggle to shape their own identity, setting aside rumors and expectations.

Music and the social networks play a significant role in each episode. They are an integral part of the characters' lives, adding an innovative and inclusive edge to the series.

With its realistic tone, the conflicts that arise are treated as they would be in everyday life: straightforward, alive, filled with emotion and truth.

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