Fiona's Glance

Sometimes, growing up is an option

This series' plot is based on three characters around 30 years old. Fiona, Marçal and Oriol, three eternal adolescents, meet and establish a complex web of relationships that will drive them to confront everything they're trying to avoid: growing up, taking on commitments, and helping one another.

Fiona is about to turn 30. She doesn't have a home and jumps from lover to lover to spend the night anywhere other than her mum's place, since her mother suffers from a mental illness that Fiona fears she may have inherited. She has an unacknowledged fear of putting down roots, but she also can't bear being alone. Marçal is determined, adventurous and a bit of a lowlife. After travelling the world working as a cook, he decides to move back into the house where his mother lived before dying a year ago. When he meets Fiona, he discovers what real friendship is like for the first time in his life. Oriol is Marçal's big brother; he's a stable perfectionist that has it all under control, until his partner decides they're not after the same things, sparking a crisis.

These are the life stories of normal individuals who can't fit into the cultures of the societies that surround them.

It describes issues that many people can identify with, and is carefully produced with plenty of sensitivity.

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