Point of No Return

Is humanity and the planet at a Point of No Return?



Incorporating cinematic, intimate, and innovative storytelling, this fly on the wall documentary series captures the unparalleled changes our world is experiencing. It delves into pivotal moments of paradigm shifts, spotlighting conflicts and narratives where present-day choices hold profound implications for both humanity and Earth.

Amidst this transformative era, many grapple with the uncertainty of the future. "Point of No Return" seeks clarity, chronicling the journeys of individuals whose daily lives bear the brunt of this evolving landscape. Through their stories, we gain insight into their adaptation, resistance, or evasion from challenges posed by the climate crisis, shifting geopolitical landscapes, economic and democratic upheavals, rising populism, radicalization, emergent technologies, and the dawn of artificial intelligence.

Helmed by the acclaimed Emmy-nominated Raül Gallego Abellán, this series is uniquely narrated by the very voices of its central characters.
In the first episode of the series, "Inside the Islamic Jihad in Palestine and the Alternative to Weapons," Raül Gallego has had exclusive access to the most wanted militants by the Israeli security forces: the Al-Quds Brigades of the Islamic Jihad from the Jenin refugee camp.A new generation of Palestinians, very young and inexperienced, confronts the relentless Israeli security forces.

n a second epidode, Point of No Return witnesses life in the Calais camps, in France, and accompanies the volunteers and activists of Utopia 56, an independent network that offers assistance and information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and monitors the behaviour of the police forces and the compliance with the basic protocols for the protection of migrants' rights.

Raül Gallego has also filmed in Canada, Ukraine, and Japan, always taking us deeply into "Points of No Return" regarding climate, human rights, new wars and technology.

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