Porca Miseria

Live and let live
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This fiction series touches on the everyday lives of a group of 30-40 year-olds whose adventures take place at work, at home, at the local bar, and always in an urban setting.
The pet pig in this series says it all - life's a swine. The characters here are all city-dwellers. Their tragi-comic love and work lives are told with wry humour, avoiding melodrama.
Part comedy series, part drama series Porca Miseria is built around ordinary, day-to-day stories. The scripts are clever and original and attract audiences who identify with the characters and circumstances: a self-important boss; someone who can't resist a little infidelity; someone else who is weight obsessed; and men and women who repeatedly fall in love with the wrong person.
The program's quality filming and direction is inspired by series along the lines of "The Sopranos" and "Northern Exposure," drawing in a faithful audience for a program featuring believable characters with normal everyday problems.
Porca Miseria launched its first season in late 2004 with an average audience rating of 9.4%, an audience share of 21.9%, and some 605,000 viewers per episode. The most-watched episode reached an audience of 736,000 viewers.
Since then the series has been broadcast in different slots and on different channels with very positive results. The characters, situations and dialogues are fresh and lively and connect with a broad audience.