Our darkest side

Real crimes. Real events in an entertainment format. Catalan journalist Carles Porta, an institution in the retelling of events, presents 7 murders as told by the protagonists. Doctors, forensics experts, police officers, friends, family members and journalists help to weave a dark tale told in great detail.
Each episode is developed in a brilliant, carefully-tailored style that helps to keep the suspense going and provoke raw feelings in viewers. Crimes includes intertitles that provide unsettling pieces of additional information, exquisite use of lighting, photographs that help to create a poignant atmosphere, seated witnesses that declare before the audience, photographs and police documents adapted in postproduction to look like criminal evidence, and a sound design full of audio effects that plays a key role in immersing the viewer in the show's eerie atmosphere.

This series blurs the line between documentaries and fiction in a new way. Crimes applies strict journalistic rigor and skillful narration without being sensationalist or exhibitionist. It looks at cases like the murder of a 15-year-old girl in a rural area, a murderer stalking an underground parking garage in Barcelona or the escape of two prisoners who left a trail of blood and public unrest in their wake. These stories are analyzed step-by-step in an easy-to-understand yet disquieting way.

This series has proven to be a resounding success. It became an important weekly event on the day of its launch, when it reached a viewership of 26.6%.

Crimes is a fantastic, addictive cocktail of tension and emotion.

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