TV3, logotip de TV3


TV3 is the main, generalist channel targeted at majority and family audiences. Its programs are very varied and it has a strong news orientation. The channel began broadcasting in September 1983. It has been Catalonia's top ratings leader on many occasions since then.

33, logotip del canal 33


Created in September 1988, this channel offers programs that either complement or provide an alternative to those on TV3 and caters to more specialized audiences. It is strongly oriented towards educational and cultural programs. Channel 33 also experiments with new audiovisual languages and formats. It broadcasts from 9.30pm till 6am.

324, logotip 324


3/24 is a round-the-clock news channel in Catalan. This channel was created in September 2003.

Esport3, logotip Esport3


This channel, created in February 2011, is aimed at the public with an interest in sport and at those who live sport with passion. Esport3 offers 24-hour live or recorded broadcasts, sporting events and documentary content on nature, adventure, travel, food and diet and leisure.

SX3, logotip  del SX3


SX3 is the new children project, with a transmedia, omnichannel and multiscreen offer, in order to keep a sense of community and the values of public service in the digital world.
SX3 has two specific worlds, addressed to different age groups, with their own contents, graphic art and dissemination channels: S3 for small kids, and X3, for older girls and boys and preadolescents.

TV3 HD, logotip TV3 HD


This channel broadcasts TV3's programmes simultaneously in High Definition 24 hours a day. It was officially launched in March 2011. It had been broadcasting in test mode since 2007, pioneering the effort in the Spanish state. It broadcasts regularly in 3D.