logo Catalunya Ràdio

Catalunya Ràdio

Catalunya Ràdio began broadcasting in June, 1983 and soon became the leading conventional radio station in Catalonia. Transmitting 24 hours a day, Catalunya Ràdio's programming includes all kinds of genres and subjects: news and entertainment, magazines, specialized programs and service micro-slots. The expertise and commitment of its staff and technicians have made the station a Catalan icon.

logo Catalunya Informació

Catalunya Informació

This is the news station of Catalonia offering round-the-clock news. Created on September 11, 1992, it was the first station of its kind in Spain. Catalunya Informació brings its listeners the news as it breaks and often transmits live press conferences and other acts of general interest. Its regular news reports are complemented by sports, traffic and weather reports.

logo Catalunya Música

Catalunya Música

Founded on May 10, 1987, this station specializes in classical and contemporary music, which it broadcasts 24 hours a day. In addition to music, Catalunya Música also offers specialized programs on instrumental and choral music, ancient music, contemporary music, jazz and cinema soundtracks, opera and other lyrical genres, music talk shows and educational programs for schools. Popular for its live coverage of concerts and music festivals, Catalunya Música enjoys an excellent reputation in Catalonia among music experts and listeners. As part of its offer, there is Catclà, a station devoted to classical music by Catalan authors and players, and it is exclusively broadcast over the Internet.

logo iCat


Born on Sant Jordi's day in 2006 as a multimedia broadcaster for FM and the Internet, iCat evolved on 1 October 2012 to a multi-channel model focused on listening online through the website and applications for mobile phones. The website, which released a new image in April 2013, integrates both live broadcasts and audio à la carte, as well as podcasts, video, text and social networks. On 1 August 2017 it returned to the FM during a testing period until 6 September, when the regular emission begins at the frequency modulated with a new image and an updated schedule. The programmes on the new iCat include more music from the Catalan scene, both sung in Catalan and in other languages; Cultural programs dedicated to cinema, series, theatre and literature; spaces for musical genres such as jazz, folk, fusion, rumba and electronic, and a musical programme for children and youths.