The Verdaguer Enigma

A poet's struggle between piety and passion

The death of a common priest is cause for great alarm, and the decision of where his remains are to be laid to rest nearly sets off a national crisis.

Inspired by the life of Jacint Verdaguer, one of the greatest Catalan poets of the 19th century, The Verdaguer Enigma portrays the exciting, eventful life of this priest-poet.

A revolutionary to his last breath, Verdaguer—better known as Mossèn Cinto—suffered from a life-long internal conflict between the privilege bestowed by his literary genius and the indignation generated by the social inequality he witnessed all around him. In a Barcelona where the rich flaunt their wealth as the rest of the population is mired in poverty, giving in to the whims of the powerful isn't an option.

Verdaguer is a free, untameable spirit. He experiments with exorcism and flaunts established norms, and his methods and his personality bring him into direct conflict with the religious and economic authorities of his day. Times are hard and dissidence is frowned upon, but Mossèn Cinto continues his impassioned fight against injustice, an injustice he comes to experience directly.

A talented, brilliant poet, he uses his gift to seduce the most powerful figures of his era, and finds himself bathed in a glory he never wanted. In the end, his convictions and his proud nature lead him to a terrible and unjust end.

The man and the poet, trapped between heaven and hell, piety and passion.

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