A journey that will rewrite their lives

Early 1936. The Spanish Civil War draws to a close. As General Franco's troops capture the last few pockets of resistance along the border, civilians start their exodus towards France. They are joined by hundreds of republican soldiers that gradually opt for desertion as they see defeat draw near.

Guillem, one republican deserter, returns to the home of his beloved, Maria. After a few days of tranquillity, General Franco's troops reach the town, forcing them both to flee. Along the way they run into Antoni, a young soldier who is profoundly marked by his condition as a homosexual. The three individuals set out together, but soon find themselves forced to separate with the hopes of reuniting at La Jonquera, on the border with France. Guillem and Antoni take one difficult path, while Maria takes another.

This is a story of love, loyalty and pain, a look at the experiences of the many refugees who were forced to flee their homes to save their lives and search for a better future.

Their objective –the border– is a lifeline that will rewrite their stories.

Anar al contingut