The Death of Guillem

Truth for mourning and justice

Based on real events

A historical drama based on real events directed by  Carlos Marqués-Marcet. On April 11th., 1993, 18-year old Guillem Agullo, an atifascist, antiracist boy, is murdered in cold blood by an extreme right gang which stabbed him in the heart.

When the sad news are known by his parents they have to struggle hard in their quest for justice. Both lawyers and media take the edge off the event alledging it was due to a squabble between rival gangs.  The grief-striken parents fight in earnest to ensure the murder is not missinterpreted while the family comes to terms with their reality at home.

The case shook Spain at a time when the past still weighed heavily and the future was attempting to make its way.

Guillem Agulló's case has become a symbol of the fight against fascism and racism.

A moving film about the need to ascertain the truth in order to keep going forward.

A historical drama which reminds us that today, extreme right radical groups are on the rise in Europe, that the threat is real. A much needed reminder.

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