There's Nothing Wrong with You, Girl

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Gender bias in medicine: does it exist?

"There's Nothing Wrong with You, Girl" discusses the gender bias present in modern medicine. It also addresses common practices that are often hidden, such as the discriminatory, humiliating treatment that many women experience in the healthcare sector—a problem that has even been recognized by some professionals.

Obstetric violence, mental health and heart attacks are the focus of the experiences shared by both victims and professionals. 40% of women have not felt respected when giving birth. Some have even suffered the serious consequences of practices that are still all too common. The reality in the mental health sector is also concerning, with many seriously ill women being turned away with set phrases like "you're just nervous" or "you're just stressed". Finally, a great deal of ignorance surrounds cardiovascular health, with many more women dying of heart attacks each year than men despite a common belief that the opposite is true. 

"There's Nothing Wrong with You, Girl" rejects the chauvinist perspective that sees women's pain as a result of moody histrionics rather than a serious medical symptom. Instead, it promotes a perspective grounded in reality.

Medical malpractice, careless diagnostics, paternalistic treatment, unilateral decisions and a lack of respect: these are not isolated incidents, and the audience will identify with the protagonists' experiences.Striking accounts, self-critical professionals... with each new scene, this documentary makes the existing gender bias and the need for change clearer.

This excellent piece drives a necessary collective awakening. We urgently need a change in perspective, and that makes "There's Nothing Wrong with You, Girl" a must-watch documentary.

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