I'm Never Going to Drink Again

How many times have you told yourself 'I'm never going to drink again'"?

This documentary includes both famous people and anonymous individuals without establishing any narrative differences between them, demonstrating that addictions don't discriminate.

Flora, Jaume, David, Marc, Remedios, Belén... they've all been alcoholics, or have been on the verge of becoming one. Alcohol, the most consumed psychoactive substance in Europe, is responsible for 4 out of every 100 deaths.

"Alcoholics are more like you than you'd think", insists one of the protagonists. With her guidance, this documentary explores the causes and consequences of alcoholism.

More than half of hospital emergencies due to drug use are caused by alcohol. We associate alcohol with parties and celebrations. It pulls us out of our shells, relaxes us and makes us more sociable. We've had it at home since we were little, and that's why we don't see it as something particularly dangerous. Nevertheless, alcoholism is number one on the list of addictions. It's the drug with the strongest social impact.

This documentary also addresses gender bias. A psychologist specialising in addictions and gender perspectives explains that it's harder for women to gain hospital access for detoxification and support due to the emotional connections with families or close circles they're forced to leave behind.

"This documentary has a carefully crafted aesthetic. It always seeks a warm, beautiful environment that embraces the protagonists. It places them all in spaces traditionally associated with alcohol consumption like bars or tables set for a meal, with just one difference—a bottle of water is always present as a social drink. This is a constant, subliminal stance present throughout the documentary. The transparency of the bottles and glasses full of water symbolizes, in a way, the clarity with which the truth is told." Mònica Planas, Ara, 04/26/2023.

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