Live of a Diva. Begoña Alberdi

A life story fit for an operatic tragedy

Opera is about love, sadness, tragedy, drama, hard work, pain, emotion and passion. These words also describe Begoña Alberdi's life story. During the COVID lockdown, this soprano stepped out onto her balcony every evening to sing for her neighbours in Barcelona.

During the COVID lockdown, a time of darkness and loneliness, Alberdi brought light to the heart of many individuals who were struggling with being trapped inside. She made it to the front cover of international newspapers that, just like her neighbours, were eager to find the source of the celestial voice emanating from a balcony and to find out how it had gotten there. This documentary tells us about Begoña Alberdi, the story behind her music, and what pushed her to step outside and move others with her song.

After performing at the Gran Teatre del Liceu, this disciple of Montserrat Caballé presents viewers with the toughest opera of them all: her life.

Alberdi's past and present are a story full of pain and suffering that includes household abuse and the loss of her dearest love. The death of her partner after the pandemic marked the start of a period of loss, seclusion and silence.

Nevertheless, this documentary is also about hope, survival, and the lustre of the lights that shine just before the curtain closes. It's an homage to a remarkable, living woman. It's about the second, third and fourth opportunities that life can offer us and how, in the end, we always find a song that inspires us to fight back.

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