Who killed Cachou?

A mysterious crime in a remote valley.The victim? A protected, five-year-old bear.

On 9 April 2020 the brown bear Cachou, born in the Pyrenees thanks to brown bear reintroduction programme in the area, appeared dead in the Aran Valley countryside. The cause of the animal's death was first thought to have been a fight with another bear. But later, it became clear that Cachou had been poisoned with antifreeze. It was premeditated murder.

The revelation of an alleged conspiracy to eliminate one of the Pyrenean bears shines a light on the underlying debate as to the suitability of releasing bears in the region. A conflict between the rural population and political decisions made miles away from the place where the policy is implemented.

After a year of research, "Who killed Cachou?" tells the story of a singular police investigation in true-crime format.

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