The Escape

Pederasty, Omertà and Impunity: 30 years of Silence

Two chaplains, two cases of multiple child abuse at two prestigious schools in Barcelona. Lluís Tó and Francesc Peris, two highly regarded Jesuits, caused irreparable harm to dozens of children. Lluis Tó was condemned to two years in prison. Yet despite the accusations, the Order protected him and sent him to Bolivia, where he continued to abuse children. The Order sent Peris to the same place: Cochabamba. Two settings: Barcelona and Cochabamba, two cities united by this story of impunity that would go on for over 30 years.

Lluís Tó died in 2017 and was buried in the Order's mausoleum in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Francesc Peris, now over 80 years old, lives in a Jesuit care home.

This documentary gathers together the shocking accounts from the victims and their teachers, lawyers and schoolmates, piecing together the shocking story of the two Jesuits. Years of investigation bring to light an uncomfortable reality: the Order made Bolivia the dumping ground for its dirty laundry, and no-one prevented the number of victims from rising.

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