From The Russian Front

The vision of MANEL ALIAS, a 20 years Correspondant in Russia and an exclusive Journalist in the Dombas region.

The Truth is always War's first Victim

A special investigative documentary on Ucranian war.

Manel Alías has visited the region during the conflict, particularly during the so-called referendum Putin used to try to annex the South and Southeast of Ukraine. He was one of only a handful of Western journalists on the ground.

This documentary gives us an idea of the fear and anguish of the inhabitants of regions that have been subjected to pure hell.

It shows us the human facet of war, where just waking up in the morning is a victory and the main objectives of everyday individuals are to find food and stay warm.

Front The Russian Front  includes the opinion of the part of the population that is pro-Kremlin, and also shows the ideological cage where the Putin regime has imprisoned the civilian population, allowing no room for free thought or the slightest criticism of the belligerent.

Anar al contingut