Selling on the Run

IIlegal street vending
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Over 7 years ago Aziz Faye, Lamine Sarr and Fatou Mbaye arrived in Europe from Senegal. All three came in search of a better future. For a long time they struggled to get work permits, but to no avail. Finally, due to lack of money, they had no choice but to become street vendors. In spite of being an illegal activity, it has become part of the landscape of the most touristic cities in Europe.

The challenges, humiliations and constant police pursuit faced by these three  vendors has driven them to exploring various other alternatives to street vending. They realize, however, that setting up a cooperative or having their own clothing brand will not be a solution for all of the street vendors.

This documentary gives voice, not only to the people selling on the street, but also to institutions, human rights organizations and store owners. They all point out the legal hurdles faces by those who come to Spain and other European countries hoping to find work opportunities. It also reflects the day-to-day routine involved in street vending, including buying products from wholesale warehouses, and touches on the subject of where the money that street vendors earn ultimately goes, which is often to help their families back home.

Public institutions do make some efforts and propose certain solutions but it is clear that the people who work as street vendors have little access to becoming full-fledged citizens.

"Selling on the Run" addresses a familiar phenomenon in many large cities: illegal street vending.


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