Nothing Is Impossible

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A magical adventure that crosses borders

Antonio Díaz, better known by his stage name El Mago Pop, is the highest-grossing illusionist in both Spain and Europe. He has created a series of 13 television programs to excite, surprise and delight spectators of all ages.  

In Res és impossible, he travels to important cities around the world to bend the laws of physics and test the scepticism of stunned locals.

Berlin, London, Marrakesh, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Manchester, Paris or Eivissa are the settings for diferent episodes in this magical adventure.

In each location, a celebrity from the world of elite sports (Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Pau Gasol, Pep Guardiola, Kim Aguero...) get to accompany him and witness his illusions.

Antonio Díaz also surprises anonymous passers-by who are blown away by his illusions. No matter where he goes, Díaz's magic is always connected to an extraordinary local story.

Magic, tricks, inspiration, surprise, ties to the local area, humour, entertainment: the perfect combination to please the whole family.

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