Looming Affairs

Power plays, submission, forbidden love and irreconcilable hatred: multiple stories unfolding in a textile colony near Barcelona.
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The textile colonies of Catalonia were much more than just factories. They were worlds unto themselves; places where the workers lived, their children went to school, they did their shopping, and in the end, they died. They were closed societies of individuals who dreamed of the real world.

Looming Affairs is set in the 1950s in a textile colony just outside of Barcelona. It is about the poisoned social relationships of the people living there, victims of both the despotism and condescendence ruling their lives.
The series portrays individual and collective stories of power struggles, love and hate. It shows what it meant to be born, live and die within the walls of a factory that was much more than just a workplace: it provided housing, a school, a church, shops, all the needs of the people working and living there.
The story begins with the death of the textile colony's accountant in a mysterious and devastating fire. His wife Teresa, his mother and his children, have to vacate the house they live in so that it can be occupied by the new accountant, Climent, who as a teenager was, and still is, in love with Teresa.
Climent is torn between two worlds: his love for Teresa and his sense of duty and responsibility towards the factory and his family. Will he be able to bear this situation without anyone having to pay a price?
Based on the novel of the same name by Sílvia Alcàntara.
Filmed in Colònia Vidal (Puig-reig), Ametlla de Merola and Barcelona.