Catalunya Experience

"Influencers" from around the world enjoy an unforgettable Catalan experience.

"You only live once." That's the motto of the guests who participate in "Catalunya Experience," because this program offers them some of the most amazing experiences of their lives.

A South African travel blogger; a British actor; a North American TV host; a Polish meteorologist; a Canadian paralympic athlete, and a Japanese somelier are just some of the program's participants. People of different ages and backgrounds with varied personal and professional interests spend several days as guests of the program, hosted by Ivana Miño, enjoying a first-rate encounter with Catalunya's landscape, cuisine, culture and customs.

What for Catalans are long-standing traditions and everyday customs might be seen—through the eyes and cultural references of the program's guests—as uncomfortable, daring, surprising or puzzling, and also, in many cases, as most enjoyable: sailing down a river on a wooden raft, savouring a freshly-grilled shrimp head, banging on a small log which then delivers sweet surprises, or enjoying St. George's Day when  books and roses abound.

The guests come ready to receive, with an open mind and a good dose of humor, the range of surprises that come their way during the visit, to say nothing of unexpected thrills such as working side-by-side with world-class chef, Joan Roca, or enjoying a wine tasting with legendary vintner, René Barbier .

The program is shot using state-of-the-art technology: drones, timelapses, superslow and GoPro cameras, offering viewers a first-rate cinematographic view of impressive images and landscapes, as they've never seen before.  

Having surprised and won over Catalan viewers in its first season, "Catalunya Experience" is back again with a new set of guests and more unforgettable experiences for all.


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