An Outspoken Woman

The real history of a brave woman

Giving up ideals for life's sake

Frederica Montseny was the first woman to be a minister in Europe, between 1936-1937. An unswerving anarchist concerned with social justice, power and privilege and a champion of resolutely militant anarchist movements.

Despite her firm opposition to political authority and in order to steer clear from worse evils, Frederica accepted to become Health Minister during the Spanish Second Republic. As the Civil War progressed, Frederica had to seek exile in France where in 1941 she was detained by the authorities and tried in order to be extradited.

Returning to Spain would be tantamount with execution, hence she had to renounce to her convictions and support the Republic as a legitimate power.

Ideals or death, a huge contradiction.

The film tells about the personal conflict of the protagonist, an idealistic woman forced to question herself to the point of having to become a pragmatist.A high quality, thoroughly documented production which underlines the relevant yet anonymous worth of many brave women in Europe's History.

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