Enough Is Enough!

Victims and activists against sexual assault

One out of five women worldwide will suffer from sexual assault at some point in their lives.

80% of these assaults are committed by someone trusted: a family member, a friend or a partner.

In this documentary, five women share their stories of sexual assault. They do so fearlessly, without hiding their identity and directly naming their aggressors. Many of them lament the disregard they received from the administration.

"Enough Is Enough!" is a forceful, open and honest documentary, dynamic and well-organized. Instead of falling back on easy drama, it provides a rational, serious view of a real problem. Rather than being portrayed as victims, the protagonists are activists fighting for a just cause: they openly denounce this crime without fear of stigma, fighting for a fairer society and to bring an end to this problem once and for all. 

"Enough Is Enough" is a piece meant to spark reflection.

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