In recent months we've seen how our series and productions have been sparking more and more interest from TV channels and digital platforms.

Are we trendsetters? Maybe so. What's certain is that viewers from other countries really like our products.

Examples are a series like "Merlí" which has been acquired by Netflix Latinoamerica, Canal+ Famille in France and Movistar+ and La Sexta in Spain. Plus, Euskal Telebista, the autonomous TV broadcaster in the Basque Country, has bought the rights to the series for its territory and will dub it into Basque.

But "Merlí" is not the only program drawing attention from other TV channels and platforms; "Cites", the most romantic series in our catalogue, is available in France on several of the Legardère Group TV channels, and "Red Band Society," one of TV3's most successful series ever, will be adapted for broadcast on TF1, France's most-watched channel. That will be the 7th adaptation of the program, following in the path of others done for North America, Italy, Germany, Russia, Chile and Peru.

Demanding programmers have also focused on our newest series "Night and Day," which will be shown in the United Kingdom on Channel 4/ All4 and in the U.S. through the SVOD, Walter Presents platform.

Another big fan of our productions is Movistar+, an important digital platform offering not only "Merlí," but also "Cites," "Red Band Society" and "Night and Day" to its subscribers.

Trending or not, there is no doubt that our productions are well received by programmers of TV channels and digital platforms, who trust the quality and good results of our products.

All in all, it's a great and different way to attract and keep more viewers.

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