An Autumn of Ambitious Projects

Second Season of  Welcome to the Family and a new series Mass Grave

TV3 gets off to a great start this autumn with the filming of two big productions:

Following the great success of  "Welcome to the Family" season one, TV3 is now moving on to season two, featuring new characters played by well-known actors on the Spanish stage and screen: Santi Millán, Yolanda Ramos and Iván Massagué. New adventures and surprises are in store with this dark comedy series which has been acquired by Netflix to be enjoyed around the world.

The other big production, "Mass Grave", is a gripping and carefully conceived four-episode thriller. It all begins with the murder of a young man working on the excavation site of a mass grave dating back to the Spanish Civil War. That single event sparks off a police investigation unearthing both past and recent crimes.

An autumn packed with first-rate TV3 projects of quality fiction programs promising guaranteed success.

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