Mission, vision and values



The Fundació La Marató de TV3 was created in 1996 by the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation with the mission of fostering and promoting scientific research of excellence, as well as raising social awareness about the diseases dealt with in the programme La Marató de TV3 i Catalunya Ràdio, by means of campaigns involving the public and also through publicity and educational events.



The vision with which the Foundation works is:
  • To excel in its management, both as depositary and as administrator of the funds that come in, basically from the generous contributions made by the people of Catalonia through this audiovisual charity project.
  • ​To establish itself as the main contact point between the public and La Marató. To that end it will work especially to achieve the participation of the greatest number of schools and civic centres in the awareness-raising and publicity campaign.
  • To select the best research projects of excellence presented in response to each invitation and to monitor them closely while they are running, overseeing their expenses and scientific development, while keeping the public informed about the results of the work.
  • ​Maintaining zero cost in all the activities organised in connection with La Marató and ensuring that the running expenses of the Foundation itself do not represent a serious burden on donations. With this intention, it will administer the resources with care, seeking the highest financial return, and always with absolute security over the funds, which make it possible to meet these expenses. Likewise, it will make every effort to involve the business world of the country with La Marató, with the aim of enhancing its social support and increasing the resources. All of this will be done with the aim of ensuring that the full amount of the donations is allocated to the aims of the Foundation.


The Foundation is part of a public corporation, the CCMA. Therefore it follows the values that form that corporation. Moreover, the Foundation's own values include the desire to serve the community, objectivity in its decisions and activities, efficiency in accomplishing its work and, in general, transparency of all of its activities, particularly with regard to administration and allocation of the resources.

These values are observed by al the professionals who work for the Foundation, and they form a guiding principle for maintaining the confidence of the public, companies and other organisations with which they come into contact and that they work with.


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