Information about the Foundation
  • Plan of activities

    The Foundation's Activities Plan is included in the Plan of the Catalan Corporation of Media (CCMA).

  • Report of activities

    The report is a tool for consultation and evaluation that offers the most important information about the activities carried out by the Fundació La Marató de TV3 in the period of one year. By means of this report, the Fundació La Marató de TV3 offers to members of the public who may be interested the necessary information, both about the administration of its funds and about contents, to make a judgement of its record, and especially how it has met its stated goals in this period.

  • Statement of commitments and catalogue of services
    • The Foundation's commitment is to allocate the funds raised by the programme La Marató de TV3 in order to encourage and promote biomedical research of excellence, as well as raising public awareness about the disease on which the programme focuses. As well as accepting the values of the CCMA, the Foundation's own values comprise a desire to serve the community, objectivity in its decisions and activities, efficiency in performing the work that is assigned to it and, in general, transparency in all its activities, particularly in the administration and allocation of its assets. These values are observed by all the professionals who work in the Foundation, and are regarded as standards for keeping the trust of the public, the companies, and the associations which it deals and works with.

    • Final figures of La Marató 2016

    • Final figures of La Marató 2017

    • Final figures of La Marató 2018

    • Final figures of La Marató 2019

  • Chanel of participation


Employment Information
  • The staff of the Foundation are responsible for carrying out the Activities Plan. The Foundation hires new staff through a selection process. Announcements of vacancies are published on the website of the companies of the Corporación Catalana de Medios Audiovisuales, stating the conditions for applying.

  • The Fundació La Marató de TV3 is a private foundation belonging to the public sector, created by the Corporación Catalana de Medios Audiovisuales, of which it is a part. Its employees are subject to the budgetary arrangements of the Catalan government.

Oversight and Evaluation

The Foundation's accounts are audited annually and include the donations from La Marató received up to 31 March, when the period for donations for the year closes. The auditor also monitors the process of the telephone donations on the day of the programme and further donations that come in by other routes and are included in the annual accounts. The Foundation sends a monthly report of its budget and accounts to the General Supervision section of the Department of Economy and Knowledge.

Awards Granted

The Foundation distributes the funds collected in the programme to the research projects that receive the best evaluation among the applicants. The ceremony for presenting the awards is usually held in October. When the grants have been awarded, the list of the winning projects is published.

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