The 27th edition of La Marató de TV3, held on 16 December and dedicated to cancer, closed with a historic scoreboard showing €15,028,252, the highest of all the 27 editions of this charity fund-raising event.

During more than 15 hours of intense live broadcasting La Marató made people more aware of cancer with a massive response from the public of Catalonia. The thousands of donations made by members of the public, institutions and companies together with the involvement of a large number of people made it possible for us to achieve this result, which will be invested in research into cancer that will result in further breakthroughs, with people who are affected by it living longer and with a better quality of life.   Once again this year, the popular activities organised by members of the public played a central part: there were more than 3,600 such activities involving a million people. The 3,400 volunteers who were mobilised in the four phone centres made it possible for donations to be received through the La Marató telephone lines.

Allocation of money collected

The funds received in La Marató 2018 will give a decisive boost to research into cancer. The Foundation will distribute the financial resources that have been collected to the scientific research projects of excellence that have the best score among those that are presented in the invitation to apply for grants.

The projects that are candidates to receive funding will undergo a rigorous process of review co-ordinated by the Catalan Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Research (AQUAS), carried out by experts in cancer of international renown. In this review two evaluators will score each proposal for its quality, methodology, scientific and social health relevance, innovative value and viability.

The winners of the awards will be published in November 2019.


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