Mossos espionage to Policía Nacional officers? Melero shakes the story of the witnesses up

Four Policía Nacional Officers state that they were followed by plainclothed officers in a Presidency car
Mossos espionage to Policía Nacional officers? Melero shakes the story of the witnesses up

Mossos espionage to Policía Nacional officers? Melero shakes the story of the witnesses up

Four Policía Nacional Officers state that they were followed by plainclothed officers in a Presidency car
Marta Carnicé
Mossos espionage to Policía Nacional officers? Melero shakes the story of the witnesses up

Officers from the Spanish police entering the Pau Romeva school in Barcelona on October 1, 2017

The Catalan Police counter-surveillance on October 1 became the main subject of the declarations by Policía Nacional officers in the Catalan independence trial sittings on Wednesday. Up until now, four Policía Nacional officers who carried out intelligence duties at the Les Corts district in Barcelona on the day of the referendum already reported the same episode at the Pau Romeva school.

The first to do so was Policía Nacional inspector number 88.009, head of the non-uniformed information Officers in Sabadell at the Les Corts district. He explained that they discovered two plainclothed officers at the main entry of the Pau Romeva school in Barcelona ​​who ended up chasing them with a dark gray Seat Ibiza car, registered as belonging to the presidency department, they assured.

"We detected two plainclothed officers with some discreet means of communication, ear headphones basically. We could clearly notice the expandable baton under the clothes of one of them, as well as tactical boots ... We detected them, then I gave the order: 'Focus on these gentlemen'. During the entire operation they didn't stop communicating.

What was even worse and finally confirmed all suspicions fully was that by the end of the intervention, the police units left the school and these gentlemen ran towards a Seat Ibiza car and went into it. I don't know what the car license plate number was, but it definitely belonged to the Catalan Government (Generalitat), precisely to the Department of the Presidency. So, they got into that car and started chasing our units."



That surveillance operative was fully confirmed by the second Policía Nacional officer, under professional ID number 75,137, who insisted that the plainclothed agents carried ear transmitters, expandable batons and tactical boots:

"-Agent: We went to the back of the school, and once there, when positioned, we noticed two people, two individuals, two men ... We didn't notice whether they were Mossos d'Esquadra, they were simply carrying a number of things, some means of transmission in a headset, in their ears, one of them wore tactical boots... we guessed what they had to be ...

-What elements did these people wear for you to think they were Mossos d'Esquadra?

- Agent: They were camouflaged. They held hidden transmission media. And we noticed one of them carrying an expandable baton in his right pocket, it just stood out and was noticeable to the eye. We could notice the short weapons they carried under their jackets. "


Once our units left the school and began to get into the vans, they both quickly ran towards a vehicle behind us, a dark gray Seat Ibiza, and shortly later they were behind our units"-.


Joaquim Forn's defense lawyer, Xavier Melero, asked him whether he knew that other police forces also carried out surveillance missions, to which the agent admitted that he didn't know it:

"-Melero: When you described these men with tactical boots ...

-Agent: one of them.

-Melero: One, with an ear transmitter and other elements... Now, did you also have surveillance officers in a similar situation, with earphones, short arms ...?

-Agent: We were the only ones.

-Melero: Were there police forces carrying out surveillance and counter-surveillance activities in the centers?

-Agent: No, basically it was only us.

-Melero: Did you know if the other police bodies carried out similar activities?

- Agent: I don't know. "

The third agent, Policía Nacional officer number 120,522, explained how they realized they were being watched:

"We were watching them for several minutes, they had a vigilant attitude towards the operation that was being carried out at the school and were establishing communications. They made typical surveillance gestures: they were holding the neck of their sweatshirt and established communications. (...) When the device was finished, they ran to their car, which was parked behind ours, in a nearby petrol station."

Then, he physically described the police officers who carried out the counter-surveillance and what exact clothing they wore.

"They were dressed in conventional clothes. One of them was shaved off, bald, and wore a North Face jacket in black. Conventional clothing, a transmission device on his right ear, a headphone. He also wore conventional clothes, he was plainclothed. He also wore black coloured tactical boots, and an expandable baton stood out at the right pocket of his trousers. In the neck of his sweatshirt he had a radiotransmission equipment.


In this sense, however, Melero wondered what did the Policía Nacional officers who carried the counter-surveillance wear and what vehicle were they driving: exactly the same.

"-Melero: How did you dress?

-Agent: As a plainclothed officer, just like them.

-Mero: What vehicle where you driving?

-Agent: A camouflaged one. "

In any case, the Policía Nacional officer number 126.322 said that he didn't know who these people were communicating with:

"I do not know who those two plainclothed officers were talking to. I have no indications that he spoke the those gathered in the school."  


The images of the eviction of the Pau Romeva school in Barcelona:


Policía Nacional officers say that they didn't have to notify the Mossos

Melero asked the inspector if they were preparing a joint action with the Mossos d'Esquadra at the preparatory meetings for the October 1 operative, to which the officer assured he didn't have any indication at this regard, assuring as well  that at no stage were they told that they had to notify the Mossos:

Melero: "In these briefings, did you convey the guideline that, in the case of large concentrations of people, you had to retire to safe positions and communicate with Mossos d'Esquadra?

Agent 88.009: "No, I wasn't told that at no stage..." ... "They didn't tell me that we had to notify Mossos at all."

Melero: "Did you not have an order that the public order request had to be channeled through the coordination center that had been organized in the center of Barcelona with Mr. Pérez de los Cobos?"

Agent 88.009: "Not at all. They didn't tell us that at no stage. No one told me we had to ask for assistance from the Mossos at any moment."

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