Regeneration and transplant of organs and tissues

The 20th edition of La Marató de TV3 dealt with the regeneration and transplant of organs and tissues. The statements from people who have received transplants or are waiting for one, and the future of research in the possibilities of regenerative medicine along with a good show, awakened once again the active participation of the general public in this project.

This was not the first time that La Marató looked at the topic of transplants. The funds raised in the first edition in 1992 made it possible to set up the Register of Bone Marrow Donors. In 1999, La Marató dealt specifically with the transplant of organs and gave a decisive boost to biomedical research in this sector. Twelve years later, the evolution of research on stem cells and regenerative medicine of tissues had opened new doors in transplant. For that reason, La Marató took up the challenge of the possibilities of regenerative medicine in overcoming the obstacles that transplant still presents.

Investing des funds collected in La Marató 2011 in research will promote new techniques to increase the quality and the life of the extracted organs, improve control of rejection and make progress in the applications of cell therapies.



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