TV3, Catalunya Ràdio and ACN manifesto on the threat of intervention of Catalan public media

TV3, Catalunya Ràdio and the Agència Catalana de Notícies (ACN) announce their common position as a response to the announcement of intervention of the Catalan public media system made by the government of Spain as part of the application of the article 155 of the Spanish Constitution

The public broadcasters TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio were founded in 1983 under a mandate from all the political parties then represented in the Catalan Parliament, the institution which represents the will of the citizens of Catalonia whom it is our duty to serve.
From Catalonia and in the Catalan Language, we have for 34 years striven to inform about world events with the maximum pluralism and veracity, and this has made us the most trusted and highest-rated source of news in Catalonia.
The threat by the Spanish Government to take direct control of Catalan public media, including the ACN (Catalan News Agency) constitutes a direct attack on the citizens of Catalonia, and a denial of their right to true, objective, pluralistic, balanced information - a fundamental right in any democracy.
The simple fact that a government plans to take over and control these media is proof enough of its intent to infringe these rights. Government control is not compatible with freedom of the press.
This government interference in the media is unacceptable in a democratic Europe, it is a direct attack on the founding principles of the European Union.


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