Live and on demand

  • Program availability

    Most programs on TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio can be watched live or on demand using any device with an internet connection. Nevertheless, some content may not be available if we are not authorized to show it online.

  • Controlling live content

    When viewing live content online, users can rewind to watch recent content or fast forward to return to the live broadcast.

  • Geographic restrictions (geolocated broadcasts)

    Some live and on-demand content will include restrictions based on the geographic location of the viewer. Some programs are not available outside of Catalonia, while others are not available outside of Spain.
    When it comes to TV3's live content, the channel has no restrictions and its content is always available online from any location.

  • Limited use

    Some video and audio content can only be viewed for a limited time. In these cases, the expiration date is always visible.

  • Subtitles

    Some of TV3's live content or videos include a subtitle service marked with this icon: Icona subtítols

  • Podcast

    Users can subscribe to our podcasts or, if they want, automatically download audio files to their computer or portable device and listen to them whenever they want. Find out more

  • Other ways of watching and listening to us

Recommended configuration

  • Internet connection

    For ideal access to our content, we suggest a minimum connection speed of 1 MB. With inferior connection speeds, it may be difficult to play live and on-demand video or audio files.

  • Recommended browsers

    We suggest the use of the latest versions of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.