What is it?

Podcasting is a way of automatically downloading online video and audio files to your computer or mobile device so you can enjoy them whenever you want. These files are called “podcasts”, and you can play them directly from the device you used to download them or transfer them to another device.

To receive a podcast, first you need to subscribe. You also need an internet connection and you need to instal the software (generally free of cost) that will allow you to manage all your podcast subscriptions. Each time you connect to the internet, the podcast software will search for the latest updates to programs you are subscribed to, and, if you ask it, it will automatically download the files onto your device.

How do I subscribe?

First, visit The Catalunya Ràdio podcast website and choose whatever interests you most. On the website, you’ll find podcasts organized by programs and by program sections.

  • With a program that works as a podcast aggregator

    How you subscribe will depend on the digital program you use. Usually, you copy the website address that appears on your browser (such as http://www._____.xml) and paste it in the options beneath “Add/subscribe to podcast/feed” for the software you use.

  • On mobile phones and tablets, we suggest you install a podcast app:

    If you have an Apple device, the iTunes app is usually pre-installed; there is no need to download it. Using this app, you can subscribe using your phone or the website. To subscribe, just click the button we include with each podcast.

    If you have an Android, install the iVoox app and you can easily subscribe using the link we provide with each podcast. You’ll also find other apps on Google Play that let you subscribe and listen to CCMA podcasts. No matter what app you install on your mobile phone or tablet, if you click the “Podcast" button on our websites or apps your device will automatically subscribe to the podcast.

    image podcast
  • With an RSS reader

    Feedly and Flipboard are RSS readers that also let you subscribe to podcasts, get the latest updates, and manually download videos or audio files. To add them to your source list, copy the URL that appears in the address bar of your browser.

How do I unsubscribe?

As soon as you decide you’re no longer interested in a program, you can cancel your subscription to the podcast directly with whatever software you are using. The instructions for unsubscribing will vary with each program. Look for the “eliminate/erase” option and keep in mind that doing so will not necessarily erase all previously downloaded videos. If you need more space on your device, we suggest finding out where the videos are stored and erasing them manually.