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Geografia humana

Moments inoblidables

Durada: 54 min
Dates assenyalades, moments irrepetibles... i les cançons ens en parlen!01 -American Authors -Best day of my life02 -Setembre -23 d'abril03 -Sía -Unstoppable04 -Bright eyes -first day of my life 05 -Noah and the Whale -5 years time06 -The 5th. Dimension -Wedding bell blues07 -Pau alabajos -València 9 d'octubre08 -Michael Franti & Spearhead -Life is better with you09 -Marcia Griffiths -The first time ever I saw your face10 -The Impressions -We're a winner11 -Halldor Mar -14 de febrer12 -Maria Rodés -El dia que nací yo13 -Bill Withers -Lovely day14 -Withney Houston -One moment in time