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Too Cool For School (cap.13)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

The friends are on their way to school but Gabriel walks past the others and joins his new, older, arty friend Teo at the back of the bus. Gabriel's been spending a lot of time with Teo of late, mimicking Teo's style, and he even got Teo to do him a tattoo! Tony feels hurt; Gabriel isn't spending time with him or including him in his plans. The girls are sympathetic but when the Cool Girls get on the bus Monica is immediately distracted; the Cool Girls are disparaging, laughing at Monica's hair style. Monica slumps in her seat and starts re-doing her hair. She goes through a series of ever more outlandish hair styles in her efforts to impress the Cool Girls. When Gabriel skips school the friends decide they have to talk to him before he gets into trouble. They track him down at the shopping centre, with Teo, where they realise Gabriel could be in even more trouble than they thought; Teo is shoplifting. They photograph Teo in
the act and confront Gabriel; he knows there's no denying what Teo's up to but he storms off, dismayed and annoyed. Gabriel later sees the friends having fun in a cafe, without him. He's too ashamed to join them but Tony goes after him and brings him back to the group. Gabriel apologises for behaving so badly and even manages to laugh along when he shows his friends the 'tattoo'; now a smudged blob on his arm where the ink has run! Having made up, the friends join forces to help Gabriel return the stolen property he's been carrying in Teo's bag. Monica has the perfect disguise for them all; unwittingly impressing the Cool Girls into the bargain.