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Looking After Lara (cap.21)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

Whilst excitedly planning a trip to the cinema, everyone notices notice that Lara is a little out of sorts - acting very subdued and choosing a silly slapstick film over her usual preference, a more serious, sad one. Lara talks to her mum and explains she is feeling homesick but she doesn't feel she can confide in her friends, in case they think she's being silly. When the teacher sets an assignment for the class, to write about a time they felt sad, Lara tries to explain her feelings to Akira, but finds it difficult to get through to her friend. On receiving a sentimental package from her mum Lara has an emotional outburst and snaps at Monica, running away to hide her tears. She reluctantly decides to make an appointment with the school counsellor, but is unable to get an appointment until the next day. Meanwhile her friends are shocked at her outburst, but eventually understand the situation - she is homesick! They decide she needs to talk about it, and unaware of Lara's own intentions, hatch a plan to get her to the school counsellor. The friends elaborate plans go typically awry, and they end up scaring Lara away. Eventually Tony decides just to listen to what she has to say. Lara feels better after their heart to heart and the two head off to the cinema to join the others - to see the film Lara really wanted to see! They all cry at the movie together, realising that it's healthy to share your feelings with your friends.