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Spot of Bother (cap.2)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

Lara is asked out on a cycling date by Deon, a gorgeous boy from school. She and her friends are thrilled; however, on the day, Lara refuses to go because she's got a giant spot on her face! Monica and Akira try everything they can to help her, from spot remedies to make up, but nothing works and Lara refuses. She just won't go. Tony panics when he hears about Lara's date, fearing that he and Gabriel will soon be forgotten by the girls in their group. He arranges a double date for himself and Gabriel to get to know some new girls; they end up going jogging but can't even manage to keep up with the new girls let alone get to know them! Thankfully Akira and Monica arrive and Tony is reassured that his friends won't leave him behind. Lara, meanwhile, is just about to cancel her date with Deon but quickly changes her mind when she discovers that he too has a huge spot!