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House Rules (cap.10)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

After rehearsing for the school play, some of the friends reveal that they have lucky charms; Monica, a brooch; Lara, a coin; and Tony reveals to everyone that Gabriel has lucky underpants!! Gabriel seethes but kindly doesn't reveal that Tony has a teddy bear. Monica's host family are going away for the weekend; Monica can't miss the play so needs to stay with one of her friends. Akira volunteers, but learns that by inviting Monica to stay, she's inviting trouble. Monica doesn't seem to understand boundaries and when pushed to the limit by Akira's moody response, Monica even goes as far as reading her diary. Lara is at her wits end. Akira and Monica blame each other and then get mad at Lara for taking sides when she tries to get them to compromise. And then there's the tension between Gabriel and Tony. Lara is forced to confront her friends and their squabbling and bad behaviour. Meanwhile Tony has some apologising to do of his own. At this rate, it's doubtful that the school play will even happen!