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My Martin (cap.8)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

Monica has fallen madly in love with Martin, and she's sure that he feels the same way about her. Lara and Akira try to make her realise that at 19 Martin doesn't think of her that way, but Monica's convinced. And she knows that he doesn't have a girlfriend, so believes that she has a chance. Tony is feeling small, undeveloped and inadequate. He feels like he looks too young and that his comics are for kids. Martin encourages him to play basketball, and invites him to train with himself and Deon. Tony is willing to do anything. For the first time in her life, Monica takes an interest in sport. Monica goes to the training session, in support of Tony, but with an ulterior motive. called Martin. She decides to prove to everyone that he does love her - by asking him. Thankfully
her friends prevent her from doing this before she makes a fool of herself. It turns out that Martin doesn't have a girlfriend. He has a boyfriend! Martin is gay. Everyone is a little shocked, but Monica is devastated. However, with her friends' support she does come to realise that the feelings she had were all one sided. She recovers quickly enough, and in true Monica style finds a new interest. And Tony, well, he discovers that even cool grown up guys like Martin like comics too.