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Just Friends (cap.5)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

The group of friends go swimming, and while at the pool, the conversation turns to kissing. Max walks past the infatuated Monica, and declares that he's kissed most of the other girls at the pool. Tony is impressed, but Monica is crushed. Lara and Gabriel talk about how crass Max is about kissing, and then end up kissing themselves! They panic and run to hide. Lara is upset and Gabriel anxious. As for their friends, they want to know what it means. They're not the only ones. Lara and Gabriel have to talk to one another and confess how they feel. It may not be what their friends expect, but their honesty is imperative for their relationship, whatever that means. And as for Max, well, he manages to kiss someone else, but no one you would expect.