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Sticky Situation (cap.9)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

Gabriel dreams about the girls from the group and his teacher, and wakes up in a panic to discover that he's had a wet dream. He and Tony sneak the sheet out of the house and take it to a laundrette, where they bump into Deon. Deon's had the same problem but isn't asstressed as Gabriel is about the experience. Tony can't help but feel left out - he's neverhad a wet dream but bluffs that he has. Pressed by Tony, Gabriel reveals who he was dreaming about, just as Monica walks passed and overhears - leading her to believe that Gabriel has a crush on one of the girls! Monica convinces Lara and Akira to helping her promote Max's band and the concert that they're playing at the school. At every turn, despite her attempts not to, Lara does something to prove to Max that she's his biggest fan. Max knows that girls love him, but Lara certainly doesn't want him to know about her and protests that she won't be going to the concert.until her friends persuade her otherwise. In the lead up to the concert, Gabriel accepts Deon's advice, and Tony is reassured. As for the girls, Lara figures out exactly who Gabriel has been dreaming about, but keeps his secret, after all, she knows what it's like to be embarrassed.