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Sink or Swim (cap.12)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

The schools in the local area are having a swimming gala, and the group of friends are involved; Deon is the team captain, and Tony, Gabriel and Akira are in the team. The problem is that Gabriel finds he's wide awake at night, and in staying up too late, he keeps sleeping in. At practice, Monica is super excited to be the replacement for Gabriel, who hasn't made it on time, but just as Monica is about to swim, Gabriel turns up, and Monica is relegated to the bench. This isn't the first time, and Monica storms off, upset. On race day, despite Tony's best efforts to get Gabriel to the gala on time, Gabriel doesn't make it into the pool. When Deon and the rest of the team need Monica, her pride demands that she doesn't help out her friends, but she wants to swim and before long she's in the pool racing against the other teams. Unfortunately they don't win, but the friends do realise what has really been at stake. Gabriel has let his friends down, and the others were too wrapped up in the swimming event to consider Monica's feelings But being friends, they forgive each other easily. No one's perfect.