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Stardtuck (cap.19)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

At School the class are set a task to make a video about their lives and experiences at an international school. Superstar Mandy Minstrel arrives to show the class how it's done, much to Gabriel's delight. Monica is excited by the news as it gives her the chance to do her dream job: be a TV presenter! However as the gang prepare their video it becomes clear that Monica is becoming a bit of a diva; she doesn't listen to the others and hogs the limelight whenever she can. It's only when Monica sees Mandy without her superstar clothes and makeup that she realises a life of fame is a lot harder than it seems. Mandy explains that her job requires a lot of team work and hard graft and Maybe Monica would be better suited to do something she really enjoys - music! Realising her mistake Monica rushes off to apologise to her friends. Meanwhile the rest of the group are watching their video. and it's a disaster! Monica suggests they use the footage to make a music video and saves the day - with a little help from her friends - by doing what she loves.