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Love Hurts (cap.14)

Contingut per majors de 10 anys

Tony has fallen head over heels for Brenda, a girl from school. Unknown to his friends he decides to make a serious declaration of his feelings so that Brenda will be unable to resist going out with him. He rushes home, records himself singing a special love song and promptly emails the video to Brenda; tomorrow's going to be great! Next day and Brenda opens her message, along with everyone else in the class; Tony sent his video to everyone by mistake. Brenda can't believe he's done this; she storms out, leaving Tony humiliated and utterly dejected. Tony can't believe that Brenda rejected him. Deon and Gabriel try to make him see that his video was quite over the top and that sending it to the whole class really didn't help; imagine how embarrassed Brenda must feel? But all Tony can think about his is own misery; he's never going to recover from this; he might as well go and live in a cave. Lara, Akira and Monica are busy on a video diary assignment when they discover Brendacrying her eyes out in the girls' toilets. They talk to her about what happened and although
still upset, Brenda does begin to realise that Tony didn't deliberately embarrass her. The girls have the whole conversation on tape and quickly take it to show Tony. Tony plucks up the courage to apologise to Brenda; he may not have any chance of romance with her now but he does have her friendly advice on how better to impress a girl next time.